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English-speaking therapist in Brussels



I'm looking for an English-speaking therapist in Brussels. I've recently come out of a relationship and would like some guidance on the best way to move on. If someone has a similar experience and was happy with their therapist please refer them to me.


From the archives

The best thing is to ruminate and re live those past moments over and over and keep wishing it was like it was.

Aug 23, 2011 15:55

We have 30 years experience in helping people with personal, relational and family problems, as well as problems with children's education. This does include, amongst others, also mourning and gender problems, but it does not include dependencies and dementia.

Psychotherapy can be provided in 4 languages (Dutch, French, English, Italian) and from different perspectives according to the needs op the people asking for this service.
Contact 0032486/299029.

Nov 25, 2013 20:05