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English speaking kids' groups and activities



We're moving to Brussels from Canada early next year. I'm looking for English-speaking kids' groups and/or activities where our two daughters (aged 4 and 6) could meet new friends.

Thank you for your help!


Do you know where you will be living and where the kids will go to school? There are plenty of clubs, groups, girl guides etc but it would be useful to know where you will be based.

Dec 6, 2019 08:57

I think we'll live somewhere in Woluwe-St-Pierre or Etterbeek. We'll work in the EU quarter and their school is located around there too.

Dec 6, 2019 20:33

OK so it sounds as if you will be Commission based and kids at the European school. That is a good start as parent networking through school is important. Parents are usually expats so like you have no local family support.

The Brussels Childbirth Trust is another perfect networking situation for parents. Unlike the NCT it spreads much further than pregnant mums and newborns. You will be welcome.

Aspria La Rasante sports club in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre has a lot of kids activities and has a multi national membership. The current manager is British.

There are also girlguide groups - see

Finally check this page which includes the Canadian Club

Dec 8, 2019 08:52

Not everyone whose job is in the EU quarter works for the EU!

Dec 8, 2019 09:56

Shortof, thank you for a spectacularly useless comment. I only said it sounds like it given working in EU district and living near the European school. I also said Commission based, not working for the EU. Could be something to do with CETA, could be something totally different. My answers are still all relevant.

Dec 8, 2019 10:26

There are English speaking scouts groups for children 6 and over. The Brussels Childbirth Trust have activities in English for children of all ages. They have a Facebook group which has a file containing a long list of activities in English.

Dec 10, 2019 14:32

Wezembeekwanderer and Nicola571, thank you so much for your suggestions. I'll check these out and will keep my eyes peeled at school too. Thanks again, you've made my kids' transition a lot easier! :-)

Dec 11, 2019 03:19