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English Speaking Creche

sarah i

Happy New Year ... You will not find an english speaking creche in Brussels... though I believe that Kids Far West (which has a number of creches) offers a number of languages and you will pay a very high fee for these creches (which - according to friends who have used them - are no better than the communal creches). If you want your baby to only have english spoken to them, then you will have to get an au-pair or nanny from an english speaking country. If you are living here though, why would you not want your baby to learn another language of the country they live in ? Babies have no problems understanding a number of different languages. Even if the parents don't speak french or flemish very well - it can also be a great way for them to learn the language quickly and to meet other parents etc etc .....
Enjoy your baby ... and best for 2012

Jan 1, 2012 08:53