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Can somebody tell me please how many students per class, in grades 1-5? In any of the schools?
Also, my son is has high-functioning-autism, and needs some special attention. We are moving from a public school in Canada, where they are very on top of these things. I wonder how this is going to be in the European school.
Any advice / comments?
Thank you


I think the maximum number of children permitted in a class is 30.

The European School does in theory cater for pupils with special needs but the system is very focussed on academic achievement - preparing children for the European BAC exam.

The schools are struggling a bit at present due to the massive numbers of students to be catered for, problems about getting teachers and issues related to the logistics of catering for all the EU languages, which is a requirement and a central part of the system.

Children are required to take on a second and third EU language in secondary school and to study some subject fully in the second language.

It would probably be a good idea to do a bit of research on exactly what supports would be provided for your son at the school he will attend and what alternatives exist.

Dec 24, 2015 17:07

Hmm..having attended the European School in Luxembourg from 1st primary right until doing my BAC at 18 I would say the following:

- I cannot really say if the school is suitable for a kid with autism. The best people to talk with would be school itself. The good thing that if your child is entitled to go to the school, then from its a "free" school. This means that from the point of view of the school, they don't need your money etc etc;

- linguistic requirements are high. Second language from age 6 (1st primary), "rd language from 1st secondary. Additional languages by choice later,in my case mother tongue english, 2nd language German, then Latin, Spanish and Gaelic (I'm Irish). And this was in the days when there were 10 or maybe 12 member states. I also had to take History and Geography in French.

- possibly the academic challenge is harder than other schools/countries. For example in the UK most children take 3 A levels. In the European school, they continue studying pretty much everything with some specialist subjects (for me maths, physics, philosophy).

But ask the school, they are probably the most impartial people to ask.

Dec 25, 2015 22:35

Class size is going to depend a little on where you are living / which school you send him to, however 30 is the max) For English only you are more limited in options than regular public school or Catholic school. You may want to look at - they teach exclusively in English. I am also Canadian, but both my boys were born here (My wife is Flemish) and go to the local Catholic school, though we are looking at ISLeuven for next September. If he is French speaking you should be fine with public or Catholic school provided you are in a French school in Brussels or in the south of the country (Wallonia)
Also, I am assuming you mean Canadian grades 1-5, in which case they are only start a 2nd language in grade 5 (call vijfde in Dutch or cinqieme in French)
Feel free to email me directly if you are after specifics or are after other Canadian/Belgian related info - glenn AT gerrard-boden

Dec 27, 2015 20:37

Regarding access and fees - there is a very strict enrolment policy and you may not have a choice about which school to attend.

If you are 'Category 1' (generally people who work for EU institutions) then you have automatic access and no fees.

If you leave your work at the institutions you child can normally stay on at the school but you will have to pay fees after you leave the institutions.

It is extremely difficult/impossible to get access if you are not in the required categories (ie: some connection to the EU institutions)..even if you are prepared to pay fees ...see the website for the details of enrolment

Dec 29, 2015 20:47