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English lessons for kids



I'm looking for English teacher for my boys (6 years old)
Do you know any to recommend?

Thank you!


Kiddyzen but you don't say where you live, it would help.

Aug 24, 2016 19:01
Mark L-W

Which commune are you in ?
I know one who will travel, but that costs more.
Also, what is their mothertongue ?

Aug 24, 2016 19:11

we are leaving at Schaerbeek border with Woluwe. They speak Polish and French.
Thanks for all recommendations!

Aug 29, 2016 10:11

Hello Karola912,

I am a qualified teacher here in Brussels and can help you.

I am a British lady living in Wezembeek-Oppem. I don't want to put my email on here so if you are interested please leave your details on the contact form on my website and I can give you a call. Thanks!

Sep 6, 2016 11:03

Hi there,

I´m a very experienced International school teacher at a Cambridge International School here. I give English - reading, writing, conversational and Maths lessons to pre-primary and primary school children. I also offer piano lessons. I live very close to Scharbeek in the Square Marie Louise, Square Ambiorix area. Lessons begin in January. You may call, sms or whatsapp me. 0489-632-616
Thank you

Dec 4, 2017 13:33