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English in a creative way


I'm looking for a "activity/ hobby" in english, once a week, like singing lessons / Drawing / Art History / courture or other. I'm french speaking and I'd like to improve my English, but maybe in a creative way ... and not too expensive! Do you have a good plan for me? Let me know ! (

Madame Chapeau

Hi Gabrielle, in which area? Are you looking for private classes or not (in a group)? What is your budget?

You could try yoga classes in Tervuren (tram 44 takes you there), at the Tree of Life. Check out their schedule and prices at

In Tervuren there is also a sewing workshop where you can learn the basic techniques and create your own projects. You can learn how to make clothes, hats and bags or home decoration items such as pillows, curtains, etc. Contact for more information.

Aug 22, 2012 08:23

Hello Gabrielle,

In case you are still looking for something to do, check out the workshops organized on Some of them are even free of charge, you just need to buy your own material. Personally, I would recommend the Language conversation table, which would really help in improving your English. Wish you all the best, Anamaria

Jun 15, 2014 18:54