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english for children


I am living in Brussels,
i have two kids in 4 and 7 ages
does any good course you would recommend for weekends?
thank you


Maybe you should google "English for families Brussels", and see what comes up.

Dec 1, 2018 00:17

Lots of online free interactive courses. Try the British Council in Brussels.
Lots of free English language learning activities available.

Dec 1, 2018 15:36

I am an English Teacher with 15 years of experience (with Masters in English Language Education), willing to teach/help children (adult) who want to learn/improve their English language communication(speaking and writing). I am available every Saturday or Sunday in a flexible time and venue. You can reach me on my mobile at 0483581119 or or you may send me a WhatsApp message for information. Thank you.

Dec 4, 2018 16:03

I do wonder what the rush is to learn English at that age. Are you about to move to an anglophone country? Do they have anglophone grandparents you want them to be able to communicate with?
If they are at a local school, they have (7) and will have (4) the challenge of learning to read/write in French or Dutch.
If you insist on doing it, make sure to find a teacher whose mother tongue is English with a neutral accent so they don’t learn bad habits and pronunciation .

Dec 9, 2018 09:49