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I have been with Lampiris for close to 15 years or so. Never a problem. Ever since they were overtaken by TotalEnergies it has been nothing but a complete CHAOS. I am asked to pay invoices already paid and am harassed on a daily basis. total shambles. Have decided to move to another supplier , though doubt they are any better.. any thoughts anyone??


Well, I am with Luminus but changing contract with them is impossible - and I too plan to change provider. On I see two options for me (not sure if they list all possibilities or if they get a commission from those they recommend), only Engie and Totalenergies are listed. From reviews and personal opinion of a friend, Engie are not that responsive either, and if you say TotalEnergies are hopeless, we are all stuck in our search for a reliable provider.

May 5, 2022 09:20

If you are Brussels based Engie and TotalEnergie are the only providers who are prepared to offer their services due to restraints put on them by the regulator and that is why you only see these two companies on the comparateur-energie web-site.

May 11, 2022 12:12