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Ending 12 month yr subscription



I am finishing my 1 yr gym subscription this month. I informed thru email to cancel 6th of September, I got a reply to say that they will still take October payment because I was late informing them to cancel. I review the contract which I have in writing and it does not indicate that I have to inform exactly on the first day of the month I want to cancel. Are they legally allowed to charge me for next month even if it’s not written clearly in their contract?

Thanks in advance



It is standard practice in Belgium that notice periods are in clear calendar months - so one month's notice given today (24 September) or, indeed, on 6 September, would become effective from 1 November.

You are lucky that only one month's notice is required, and that they accepted notice by email. Three month's notice is more usual and normally it has to be given by registered post or by handing it over in person (and getting a copy signed and dated as a receipt). Any variations should be spelt out in the contract - you have read and understood the contract?

Sep 23, 2017 22:56

The mention of Becasse in respect of advanced notices concerns employment contracts. Other contracts will depend on the terms of the contract only.
If nothing is stated in that respect, you can cancel effective next day.

Sep 24, 2017 05:34