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End of job - how much extra money


I am just finishing 5 months of work - July-November.

how much extra money (gross/net) can I expect?
(I am thinking of holiday money etc.)


The full annual holidays are 20 days so you have gained 8,3 days. The salary of these days will be paid to you when your contract finishes. In addition you will receive the holiday allowance. The amount is 92% of 1 months salary if you have worked full year and you will again get the pro rata (5/12). Your tax percentage will be bit higher than normally (depending on the salary level), but you will eventually get a rebate when the annual income is calculated in the future.

If you have been on interim contract both the salary of holiday days and the holiday allowance have been paid with your monthly salary, so you will not get anything extra.

Nov 30, 2011 09:05