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Employment advice/legal aid for foreign worker


Is there a legal service/organization that can help me as a foregin worker here in Brussels? Specifically as a teacher? My situation is this, a work permit was not applied for during this time (20 December to the 4 January) AFTER having been asked to update my Residency permit, which I did of course. My school did not apply for my Work permit and then claimed that I didn't get paid because I didn't have a Work permit. I have a paper trail from the commune showing that all necessary documents were provided to the school but they told me that I would not be paid (20th Dec-4 Jan.) on the 19th December. Very last minute/second, so I need someone to speak with me (English or German) and explain it all to me, so that I can understand how someone can get away with this? Thank you and any advise would be very much appreciated.


Let's just start with the absolute basics, as there are different kinds of foreigners and they have different rights.

What is your nationality?

Aug 22, 2020 23:42