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Employee notice period - start date


I'm aware that notice periods for resigning employees now depend on how long they've been in the job (, but when does the notice period start? Is it on receipt of the resignation letter (by registered post), or something like the following Monday or even the beginning of the following month?


Surely that depends on your contract aome may require so many weeks in which case wpuld start first day of week some so many days then its from when its recieved is it not in the contract? I don't think its possible to be specified because every contract is different. Could be wrong

Feb 7, 2018 10:19

I assume in this scenario the person is being let go by their employer. In that case, the notice period starts the Monday following reception of the notice letter, and it is assumed that the employee will receive the letter three working days after it is sent (Saturday is counted as a working day), regardless of whether or not that is actually the case.
Therefore, you should check the date: if the letter was sent on Wednesday at the latest, the notice period will start the following Monday. If it was sent later in the week, the notice period will only start the second Monday following the week in which it was sent.
For example, if as an employer I send a termination letter today, the notice period will only start on February 19th. If I had sent it on Wednesday February 7th, on the other hand, it would have started on February 12th.
This information should normally be mentioned on the letter, anyway.

By contrast, if you yourself hand in your resignation, there is no waiting period. The notice period will always start the Monday following your resignation.

Feb 10, 2018 14:46