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emile jacqmain maternelle - Date of enrollment


Dear all, Does anyone know the exact date when bruxelles commune will open enrollments to maternelle emile jacqmain? I've been informed that parents wishing to enroll their children to this school have to call on a specific date which is published a few months in advance. Has this date been published? If yes, please share it here and if not then how and where can I find out the date of enrollment? Many thanks


Google will tell you the answer. However I'll post it here for you, found by googling "inscription bruxelles ecole communale".

Watch the link, it will be updated but very little change.

Do be aware there are excellent schools near Emile Jacqmain, such as la Retraite du Sacré-Coeur, la Colombe de la Paix annex, la Vierge Fidele, Ecole du Bonheur, they all have their own enrolments.

Sep 6, 2016 18:59

Thanks a lot for your reply. Much appreciated!

Sep 7, 2016 16:04

Hi there,
I have just one last question. Do you know the date when the Christmas school holidays ends?
This site suggests on January 08
Christmas holiday 2016

I'm assuming the inscription to the maternelle will start after the holidays and not on the first working day or 2017 (January 02)

Can someone please confirm this? And also the date when the school Christmas school holidays end.

Many thanks

Sep 8, 2016 09:28

Belgian French and Flemish term dates are identical except for 1 day in the whole year each. You can therefore look at either French or Flemish websites, better to trust them.

School re-starts on Monday 9th January 2017 unless there is a teacher training day at an individual school, unlikely to be 9th January though.

Sep 8, 2016 21:35