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Emergency passport?


Does anyone know if the UK Consulate here can issue an emergency passport for a baby who has not yet got their first passport but already has a UK birth certificate (issued through the Consulate)? My baby will only be 6 weeks old when we have to attend a family wedding in the UK, so I don't know if we'll have the passport already, but we would have the UK birth certificate as I know these are issued in 5 days (well, that was the case for my first child anyway)... I intend to ring the Consulate to check before booking tickets, but just wondered if anyone had experience already. Thanks!


The certificate you have is not a birth certificate, although it will look almost identical to a UK issued birth certificate. It is not necessary to have this certificate to get a British passport, if that is the reason you have bought it, it won't be looked at even, it is not an acceptable form of identity for travel around the EU. You need to apply for a passport through Paris, look on the website iof the British Embassy in Brussels. Your child cannot travel without their British passport or another passport / EU national ID card. Emergency passports are for those who did have a British passport and have lost it / had it stolen, they are issued for emergency travel only.

Sep 15, 2011 12:26