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Electrician and/or general contractor - recommendations?


We just bought a house in Auderghem and are looking for an electrician and/or general contractor to work on the renovation. (Significant rewiring is needed.) They don't have to be English-speaking because my partner speaks French--just reliable and not *too* expensive. :)

Many thanks in advance!


Smartlife specialise in total or partial renovations.
Call Nick, in English, on 0473 43 41 65 for more information.

Sep 2, 2016 11:50

Try Alpha Projects sprl-0477.82.62.34

Sep 19, 2016 21:23

Belated thanks for these responses! Frieda

Sep 20, 2016 12:32
xavier fleet

A bit late now I imagine but we undertake complete electric wiring work and at very competitive prices.
I'm English with a team of four men.

Nov 29, 2016 09:58