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Electric piano


I'd like to buy a piano. Any suggestions on where to look for one in Brussels?
Also, any recommendations of which one to buy?
I've heard that electronic pianos are very good these days with the added advantage that one can plug in headphones so that others [particularly the neighbours] don't have to listen to a beginners efforts. Do these still sound like a real piano would?
Thanks in advance!

From the archives

There is a good piano shop close to the Brussels Casino

I think that 'real' pianos still sound better than an electrical one,but, the sound of an electric one is in general fine and I prefer to have an electric one for a number of reaons. One is that you don't have to tune it, secondly, unlike a real piano, you can turn the volume up and down(and as you mention also use headsets). Finally, they are a lot less bulky and cheaper too. You can get a good electric piano for say around 700-800 EUR. As for the brand, I think Yamaha is quite good and well respected

Good luck - and if you are just beginning to play piano, check out youtube for a lot of good tutorials of well known songs

Sep 2, 2011 14:03