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Electric bikes involved in nearly half of all cycling accident deaths in Flanders

Electric bike use in Belgium - Belga
15:52 26/04/2022

Electric bicycles are involved in nearly half of all cycling accident deaths in Flanders, according to figures from Flemish minister of mobility Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), reported by De Morgen.

In Flanders, 70 cyclists died in traffic last year, 33 of them on an e-bike. The main cause was motorists who did not give right of way. 

Electric bicycles have been growing in popularity in all three regions of Belgium as of late, and a recent VIAS survey noted substantial increases in the use of e-bicycles in Wallonia (40%) and Brussels (47%) over the last year in particular. 

In Flanders, one in three bike users have been riding electric models.

But the increase in the number of cyclists also means higher figures for accidents: last year, a total of 8,788 cyclists were injured in traffic in Flanders, the second highest number in the past 10 years. 

Belgian traffic institute VIAS published a report in February that spoke of 67 cycling deaths in Flemish traffic. Both their numbers and the most recent ones are based on preliminary accident figures from the federal police.

Most of the cyclist fatalities (26) were caused by a collision with a private car, while 14 occasions involved a collision with a heavy truck and 12 others were classified as a single-party accident.

Photo: (c) Belga/Kurt Desplenter


Written by Helen Lyons



And what will the government do against the rising figures of accidents involving bikes and e-bikes? Behind the statistics are human lifes which could still live. Look across the Dutch border how to protect cyclists. It‘s not enough to put some painting on the streets

Apr 27, 2022 09:11