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EG langdurig ingezetene (D residence card) in Belgium


Hi, everyone,
I have been working full-time for 5 years now in Belgium, preparing to get my permanent residence. The most common choice is to get a "verblijfstitle B" or B card.
But I can also apply directly for the D residence card or so-called "EG langdurig ingezetene". This gives more freedom of keeping the residence here in Belgium while working abroad in other EU countries.
According to
Anyone working full-time for 5 years in Belgium (with no criminal records of course) should be eligible to apply for the D card. Does anyone have the experience of getting such a card instead of the B card? I am hoping to hear some success stories before I prepare for it.

Wish everyone a successful and a happy 2016!


Hi, there!
Cannot share with you success stroy but I can say that you need to explicitly ask for the Card D when applying for the permanent residence, otherwise they will automatically issue you card B. For this the commune needs to fill in the document 'Bijlage 16' and you need to receive from them as a proof 'Bijlage 16 bis'. You can read about the procedure more here:
From what I heard and know - not a lot of people are well informed about advantages of having card D that is why they automatically apply for card B. the procedure seems to be identical but with the different outcome only :) Anyway, it is worths trying. Let us know how will it go ;-))
Good luck.

Jan 4, 2016 14:21


Did you get your D-card, Can we work in any other EU country with D-card? Will this be a hurdle in applying Belgium citizenship in coming years?

Nov 12, 2016 12:15


Were you able to directly apply for D card? or do we need to first get the B card?

Oct 18, 2017 22:08