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EFI Brussels: A school focused on bilingualism and academic excellence

15:02 12/05/2021
In association with EFI Brussels

The French International School of Brussels (EFI Brussels) offers a 21st-century education combining excellence, international openness, and self-fulfilment. We are taking enrolments for the 2021-22 academic year and welcome all interested parents for an individual talk on Open Door Day on 29 May.

EFI Brussels is focused above all on academic excellence, in keeping with the French Ministry of National Education curriculum. It offers a bilingual French/English education to pre-school and primary school pupils, all supported by an active and caring pedagogy, with a personalised approach. It is accredited as a partner establishment of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).


Our Open Door Day is the opportunity for interested parents to have an individual online appointment to:

  • meet the members of the teaching team
  • have all your questions answered

EFI Brussels follows an educational model that combines French academic excellence with the dynamism of international education. It’s the best of both worlds constituting a unique pedagogical model.

A place for knowledge, learning and fulfilment, EFI Brussels is an AEFE-certified school, and focused on a series of objectives that are essential:

  • Academic excellence
  • Bilingualism
  • Benevolence


Academic excellence: French school curriculum

The French school curriculum has earned worldwide recognition for its quality, opening the door, immediately after the Baccalaureate, to the best universities in the world. This includes English-speaking universities (provided students have a solid command of English).

EFI Brussels is a French school in Belgium. Every child who comes to EFI Brussels, regardless of nationality, is guaranteed full French schooling. The education provided at EFI Brussels strictly adheres to the programmes stipulated by the French Ministry of Education and is carried out by highly qualified and native-speaking teachers.

The strengths of French education:

  • A perfect command of the French language
  • Solid general knowledge to develop understanding, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking
  • Scientific activities and skills to help pupils understand the complex nature of the world and ready them for it

Resolutely open on the world, EFI Brussels welcomes students of all nationalities, even if they speak little or no French when they enter the school. To help them integrate successfully, EFI has created the unique Portal Programme, which offers intensive and individual tuition in French.


Bilingualism: A global perspective

French is the language of reference at the school and the primary language for instruction. English represents half of tuition time. From pre-school, pupils learn English, but are also taught other subjects in English. This means that by the end of their education at EFI, children can express themselves in both languages, verbally and in writing, and meet the requirements for language certification.

The school year will be punctuated with educational projects promoting international openness and intercultural exchanges. In addition, the school is made up of students and families of all nationalities allowing daily exchange with different cultures. Indeed, developing this open-mindedness gives each student adaptive qualities that are in great demand today.

Benevolence: Learning in a stimulating environment

Children attending the school are guaranteed that they will be listened to and able to take initiatives to ensure their success and self-fulfilment. The school gives personalised support to each child, and specific learning methods are applied to each group level.

EFI Brussels also adapts its teaching methods to the needs of any children with temporary difficulties. Our overall teaching methods promote efficiency, autonomy and perseverance.

The school’s educational project combines the pleasures of learning with rigorous teaching and supervision methods, in a multicultural, bilingual and energetic scholarly environment. Our pedagogical team enables students to make progress thanks to a favourable and optimistic environment where success goes hand-in-hand with self-fulfilment.


EFI’s innovative teaching methods are focused on boosting the desire to learn, the will to succeed and the self-confidence of children, while developing their ability to adapt, think and develop their openness towards others.

The teaching staff employ modern teaching methods and tools based on cognitive science and the development of everyone’s talents:

  • Active learning methods
  • Interdisciplinary studies and de-compartmentalisation (jigsaw classrooms/co-operative classes)
  • Positive discipline
  • Dynamic teaching of science using investigation and projects
  • Customised teaching methods designed for the needs of each child

EFI Brussels houses pre-school and primary school pupils at a beautiful campus in Uccle. It also has plans to open a secondary school so that pupils can continue at EFI for their entire education. Feel free to contact EFI to discuss your child’s future at any time.

Written by The Bulletin with EFI Brussels