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Dutch speaking school in W-O area


I am looking for a Dutch speaking school for my daughter (2yrs). We live in Wezembeek-Oppem (close to Stockel) and would prefer a school in W-O, Kraainem or WSP (near stockel).
Can anybody recommend a good school? I read that de 'Zonnewijzer' has immerson programmes in French and English. ANyone has experince with that school? Besides getting hte advise to visit them (which I will certainly do), it would be great to receive some feedback on positive (or less positive experiences).
Thxs for your input! WNS


De Zonnewijzer is not in Wezembeek-Oppem.

W-O currently has 2 kleuterscholen, Heilig Hart just north of Louis Marcelis tram stop, lager and middelbar are further south near Tervuren, by far the most sought after Flemish community funded kleuter. Then there is de Letterbijters but due to falling numbers, it is closing at the end of June. It is being replaced by a school in the north end of W-O, run directly by the Flemish Community and no longer by the gemeente. I assume you and your daughter are native speakers, so you can read all about it on the internet.

In WSP is de Zonnewijzer, Mater Dei, Mooi-Bos, Stockel. The most sought after is Mater Dei.

In Kraainem there is GBS Kraainem.

For WSP and all Brussels Flemish Community funded schools, there is a single admissions system. Look it up on the following link. You will already be too late for several of the info evenings, but not too late to enrol.

You could go further into WSL or Zaventem, but really for a 2 year old, it's more practical to go to the nearest or almost nearest school.

Immersion programmes in French? LOL most of the children in these schools, Heilig Hart excepted perhaps, are going to be French speakers, what other immersion do you need?

Dec 2, 2011 18:49