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Dutch proficiency certificate without going for classes


I feel I can pass a Dutch 1.2 class since I overprepared my 1.1 level so is there any official institution that is recognized by the Belgian government where I can give a test for Dutch 1.2 and get an official proof of me completing 1.2 without actually going for any classes and wasting almost 3-4 month?


You can have your dutch tested at Het Huis van het Nederlands. They will issue you a paper stating which level you have. They are the ones I had to go to for proof that I spoke dutch for my son's school (priority enrollment for children of dutch speaking parents). You can just turn up at any time without an appointment. They have a few offices but I went to the one on the Rue P. De Champagne in 1000 Brussels. More info on their site.

Sep 11, 2014 19:52