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Dutch language for work


I need to improve my Dutch in 6 months for my new job. I have finished first 4 levels at CVO (out of 7 levels), so I understand what people say if spoken clearly and slowly and I can speak ok, but I still cannot write much, especially for the business setting. Does anyone know if there is any school which offers a "Business Dutch for foreigners" kind of class, with focus on how to write business letter, how to speak, etc.??

I would prefer to go to class in Zavetem, north BXL, Vilvoorde, Mechelen area, but am willing to travel for a good school.

Thanks in advance for your help!

clanger This school has a place in Brussels - might be worth a look

Jun 24, 2013 16:49

Hi! It's been a while since you've posted this message so I hope you found something. If you're still looking, you can contact me by e-mail. I'm sure I can help you on your way!

Nov 23, 2013 21:09