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Dutch classes


Good Morning,
I asked awhile back about Dutch classes at the two universities in Antwerpen and Leuven.
Could some of the fine folks that have attended the Leuven classes explain how the levels work as say compared to the CVO's elsewhere? The website for Leuven is not very clear in that. For example: Does level 1 include the full level as in 1.1-1.2 or is it for 1.1? At Antwerpen,level 1 is just level 1.You pass one and move on to the next.
Also, any experiences both good and bad I would welcome to hear.
Thank you for any input that you can offer. I have read each website carefully and wish to make informed choice. Finally, I am not in the Brussels area no where near it but can travel to Leuven.
Again thank you,

From the archives

I'm not sure about the website, but I went to the CVO Brussels and it was Level 1.1, test, and then 1.2. The instructors were professional, were trained well with obvious previous experiences and always able to answer questions before and after class. I am also a language teacher and I felt comfortable with their teaching skills even though I was one of very students who did not speak French and the teacher's English was not very good. For the price, since I live in Brussels, I was well impressed. Hopefully if you decide on CVO in Leuven, you'll have a good experience as well! I think the only reason I would not return is the other students. Several of them didn't have the same idea for respect for the teacher or other classmates. They were always talking during class, using their cellphones, and cheating on the exams. Pretty silly behavior for a class of adults!

Aug 23, 2011 13:54