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Dutch Classes


Hi everyone,

After searching and reading the previous posts made on Dutch classes, I could not really find the right solution for my case.

My working schedule starts at 9-9.30 and ends around 6.30, I'm free on week-end's. I work in Zaventem, live in uptown Brussels.

I am looking for evening or week-end classes for learning Dutch in a fast-track, preferably 2 times per week.
I am ready to put in my time to pick up the language quickly. I have had 2 basic classes before, I have the very primary notions already.
I also am in a Dutch speaking environment at work.

Concerning the price, as long as it is a very good and effective service and fits with my schedule, I am ready to pay for it (not thousands of Euro's though!).

Do you know of any good learning centres whch can meet with my needs? Would you advise taking private tuitions?
Thank you!

From the archives

Still me..
I wanted to precise that, of course, I should be able to arrange ending work earlier on certain days of the week.
I have a car and thus mobility would not be a problem, though somewhere NOT in the centre of Brussels would be better... :-/


Aug 22, 2011 16:24