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Drug investigation launched into sex party involving Hungarian MEP

Illustration picture shows 'Monroe Bar', where the police raided a party on 27 November, in the city center of Brussels. According to police sources a party on the first floor above the bar broke the corona-lockdown rules, Hungarian member of the European Parliament Jozsef Szajer was arrested when he tried to flee the scene carrying narcotics. (BELGA PHOTO LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ)
09:40 06/01/2021

An investigation has been launched by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office into the sex party involving Hungarian MEP József Szájer.

Szájer, a member of Fidesz, the right-wing party led by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, was one of 25 people, mostly men, involved in the orgy held on the night of 27 November in an apartment on Rue des Pierres in the centre of Brussels. Fidesz actively works to restrict the rights of LGBTQ people in Hungary.

Police were called at around 21.30 by neighbours who complained of noise and the potential violation of coronavirus measures. Officers arrived and broke up the party.

After trying to flee the party via a drainpipe, Szájer was detained by officers and reported for violating coronavirus restrictions. An ecstasy pill was later found in his rucksack but he denied all knowledge of the narcotic and claimed that he had not taken any drugs.

“I had proposed to the police to undergo a test, but it was refused,” he said. “Police said an ecstasy pill had been found. I have nothing to do with this pill, I don't know who placed it or how. I don’t know how that ecstasy pill got there.”

Szájer resigned from his post at the European Parliament after the incident made headlines across Europe.

The investigation will centre on the narcotics aspect of the case as the violations of the coronavirus regulations have already been dealt with. All attendees of the sex party were issued a €250 fine.

Meanwhile, the organiser of the party has filed a complaint against the police officers who broke up the orgy, according to Nancy Van Barel, spokeswoman for the P Committee, the Permanent Oversight Committee on the Police Services.

David Manzheley had previously complained publicly about the behaviour of the officers, claiming they made homophobic remarks after they arrived at the apartment on Rue des Pierres.

Written by Nick Amies