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Driving theory exam in English


Hi All

I took the exam in Brussels with english transaltion and failed by 1 point (40/50). When i went to rebook for the next the lady at the counter was super rude. She just kept saying 'all full no more place this year'. I asked her can you please tell when is the next possible one? she replied i dont know.
Can someone advice me? what should i do?
I will be starting a new job in 3 months and need my licence. Should i go back to the centrum and hope there is a more helpful person at the counter?
Has one been there recently and been given a date say in 2018?

many thanks


I don't know it maybe that there are limited English places available, yes maybe return and ask again but sometimes people here can seem Bruske when they are official maybe she really didn't know.
In the mean time I'd suggest you look at public transport because unless you already have a license and trying to switch it that time frame is very small anyway for getting a license to drive

Sep 17, 2017 19:49

The sessions with translators in Brussels are full for 2017.
So taking the test in English is no longer possible in Brussels this year.
Maybe in Flanders or Wallonia?

The rules will change in 2018, and it will become possible to take the test on the computer (as for French & Dutch) effective sometime in 2018.

The exact date is not yet known and therefore they do not take booking for exams in English with a translator at this time for 2018 as it may not be necessary.

Hope this assist

Sep 24, 2017 05:40

You can start learning how to drive in a driving school before you pass the test but cannot do so with a guide, only in a school.

check for example :
They have 3 to 4 English speaking instructors....but the secretary has limited English knowledge.

Sep 24, 2017 05:44