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Driving license in Belgium?


Hello everyone.

I was wondering how easy it is to learn to drive in Brussels for an English speaker. I have heard that exams may only be done in French/Dutch but lessons can be taught in English.

Would anyone know, also, how much it would cost per hour of lessons?



I understand it can be quite pricey you can get lesson in English in some place I have been told. I believe but I think you need an interpreter for your test. There are some quirky rules like if you fail your test slightly your sometimes allowed to drive alone with no passenger u til you can resit

Jan 26, 2017 18:38

In this school the prices are the same in Fr/Nl or English.
They have a good reputation.
Secretary not top in English but helpfull.
Instructors are no problem in English and can assist with questions and information.They call back if needed.

Jan 29, 2017 14:49