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Driving licence success rate on the rise since 2018 reform, but only 50% pass the practical test

Illustration picture shows a drivers licence learning car, at an exam centre for drivers' licences in Schaarbeek/Schaerbeek, Brussels. ( BELGA PHOTO CAMILLE DELANNOIS)
05:34 17/03/2022

"There has been a clear increase in the success rates" of the driving licence examinations in Brussels, Minister of Mobility Elke Van de Brandt announced on Tuesday, with new figures showing 41% successfully pass the theory section and 49.5% the practical exam.

The 41% success rate in 2021 showed a marked increase from the 36% in 2020 and the 32% in 2019. The positive progress for the practical examination was less of a jump but the success rate of 49.5% in 2021 was still an increase on 45% in 2020 and 44% in 2019.

In terms of success rates per authorised language, for the theory the pass rates were 92% for French, 5% for Dutch, 3% in English and 0% in German. For practice, they are 96% in French, 3% in Dutch, 1% in English and 0% in German.

The results go some way to justify the reform of the driving license exams carried out in 2018. Since then, each region has almost free rein to organise its exams as it sees fit. In parallel with the theoretical and practical exams, Brussels has introduced a risk perception test. That is, watching a video before candidates are asked about the risks they are able to identify. Regarding this test, the success rate was 87.5% last year, 84% in 2020 and 21% in 2019.

In addition, the mandatory first aid training brought in during the 2018 reform has led to 26,000 successful certifications by the Red Cross. “According to the feedback received from the training centres, 95% of candidates enjoyed or learned something during this training,” said Elke Van de Brandt. “We can therefore consider this aspect as a success."

In regard to a full assessment of the 2018 reform, Elke Van den Brandt told the Brussels parliament that it would take time for the statistics to normalise following the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic, with administrative burdens and online training to limit contact having an effect on the driving test sector.

Written by Nick Amies



I'm surprised of such a high pass rate. In 3 years I've never seen anybody use a roundabout correctly in Belgium

Mar 18, 2022 11:22