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Driving in Belgium


Good morning. A question about driving in Belgium. How do people cope with the vast number of agressive drivers on the roads here? I have been driving for nearly 30 years, I don't always keep to the limits, have never had an accident (Im not mis daisy drivina at 50in a 90 zone) but I do respect others on the road.

More than often I experience and see cars driving right up behind someone at breakneck speeds, lights full on, expecting them to swerve out of their way to let them pass. What do others do here? There never appears to be traffic cops around to watch out for psycos on the m-ways and I have seen people panic when this happens and almost cause an accident trying to get out of the way of these idiots.

So when this happens, which seems to be a common one, what do you guys do? I sometimes feel llike just hitting the brakes.

From the archives

I take the approach that to avoid an acident I look infront, if it is behind me then it can't hurt me as such. Then I wil move over when itis safe to do so and not when I am being pushed. I never get flustered or panic.

Aug 23, 2011 14:46