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Drivers speed through Schaerbeek at 86km/hour every day, study finds

12:45 13/08/2019

Every day, roughly three dozen drivers speed through Schaerbeek at a speed of 86km per hour in areas that have a 50km per hour speed limit.

The findings spring from multiple speed checks carried out by the Vias road safety institute on the Chaussée de Haecht, the main thoroughfare that traverses the municipality of Schaerbeek, the city’s second-most populous district.

The speed checks were carried out over a period of three weeks – from July 22 until August 9.

Vias found that, every day, 32 drivers on average zoom through the street at a speed of 86 km per hour. “These are grave speed infractions that would require the drivers to immediately appear in front of a police court,” Vias spokesperson Benoît Godart told Bruzz.

Vias pointed to the results as evidence that police should crack down on drivers who speed through the Chaussée de Haecht.

“First of all, the risk of being caught needs to go up. But adjustments to the infrastructure should also be made,” Godart said. “Today the street is a long, wide road that allows drivers to drive at high speeds.”

The Chaussée de Haecht has been the scene of multiple accidents, one of them deadly, in recent months.

Photo: Belga / Carol Verstraete

Written by Linda A. Thompson


Sammy Bay

In Scharbeek, most of the ``young road gangsters`` are driving the car like they try to proof the around something. They are the enemies of the peace and silence in the district. It has to be collective consciousness, protest, a common municipality petition whatever to stop this. I do not need to hear high engine voice on my coach at 10pm, I am not oblige to listen their high sound music while crossing over 90km next to me. This is not a highway. Police has to do something. Sometimes I think I am the only one who cares these kind of things in Scharbeek. For example why high engine voice motorcycles and cars not punished in the neighborhood ? What municipality and authority really does to control this I really wonder...

Aug 18, 2019 20:54