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Drivers licenses


I have heard that some international drivers licenses have a date of expiry. Where can I get one that does not expire?

Is it better to get the international license from the driving club, or the commune?

I know some scams out there will simply give you a translation in various languages, without actually endorsing the authenticity national license. What I'm after is a document that will actually validate the national license so that it can pass scrutiny in other countries.

But I also want it to not have an expiration date. I've heard that some intl licenses expire, and I find that absurd because the validation of a national license is a one-time event (they inspected the original, and said it was authentic). Their judgment about the authenticity of an original should not expire.

From the archives

If you have a license from your own country why would you need an international license? In most countries it has little or no validity. In Belgium, for example, if you live here you are obliged to get a Belgian license within 30 days. You cannot legally drive on just an international license. Having said that, Touring Secours used to sell international licenses but that was some time ago and I'm not sure if they still do.

Aug 23, 2011 15:04