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Drinking Calc Containing Water


Hi ,

I know that Belgium has a fair amount of Calc in its water.

We were drinking bottled water (purchased water from GB or Caffoure ,Cristalline or Louise) all this time.

Suddenly we decided last week to give a try with the tap water.

After drinking for a couple of days i face severe body pains, frequent motions, pain in stomach and abdomen.

Is this due to the Calc water  ? How long will it take to recover?

Thanks in advance


Calcaire, or limestone, does not make you sick. IF you really did get sick from drinking the water from your tap,  the pipes in your house could be leaching lead into your water and you could have lead poisoning. But I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor rather than self diagnosing. Especially since diarrhea is NOT a symptom of lead poisoning--sounds like you got food poisoning.

Sep 22, 2011 11:55