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double taxation


Hi there, I work across eu for a uk company, I have an office in belgium and home in both uk and brux. Belgium want me to pay belgium tax for the days I don't work in the uk. Ok so far. But my advice is that the double taxation treaty won't apply and that I will need to pay full belgium tax on income that i have already paid uk tax on. As this relates to 2009 I think the chances of getting the UK tax back are nil. Has anyone had any experience of this - will the belgium tax authorities give me a credit for the UK tax already paid and I pay the difference?


Thanks Ruthie


Yes, you get credit for the tax you've paid in the UK.

It may be complicated, as the tax years don't match. I'd suggest you take your tax for in to the commune when you get it a get them to help you fill it in.

Sep 9, 2011 17:12