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Domain name .brussels now available for individuals

11:50 17/11/2014

Individuals can now apply for a .brussels domain name up until December 15. All that is needed are a Belgian eID and eID card reader, reports

For the initiative, the Brussels-Capital Region’s digital presence,, has joined forces with top-level domain name organisation DNS Belgium. The aim is to fit Brussels with a new digital image, one that reflects the city’s multilingual and international character.

Individuals are invited to use their eID to request a .brussels domain name in combination with their first and surnames. Somebody named Jan Vandam, for example, can request any one of the following domain names:,,, or

Once accepted, the applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reservation code for the new domain name, and will then have seven days to confirm and effectively register the name. DNS Belgium has reduced the wholesale price for the registration of a domain name between now and December 15 to €1.

Written by Robyn Boyle




Nov 17, 2014 18:02

And why not?

Dec 4, 2014 16:06

Emerging of any new domain only takes place when it is highly demanded by users. “.Business” is a universal domain that can be fit with any business field. Already several domains for each available business, profession and regions are being used by web owners (i.e. and it will be no surprising if more get encountered into this list.

Mar 3, 2015 14:45