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I am in need on a sporadic/occasional basis of a dog walker. I am sometimes not available at mid-day and have a small dog who needs a short walk (10-15 minutes) around lunch time. I live near the grand place and ideally would like to find someone in the neighborhood who could stop by and take the dog out on those days when neither my partner or I are available. Does anyone have any recommendations? The person has to be responsible and willing to pick up after the dog.

JT Jan 22, 2013 18:30

hey! not sure if you found someone already, but i would love to do that!! :)

Jun 25, 2013 18:31

Won’t you like to hire a reliable person who can take your dog for a walk? Well, there might be several dog walkers in your city that can suit your requirements, but what about their safety? What if the pet damages the property of others when it’s out for a walk? I got the answer for more such questions at so it will be better to try it out at least once.

Jul 31, 2017 19:09