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Dog Show trainer


Hi. We have a Golden Retriever with St Hubert kennel club pedigree. To breed from her and maintain St Hubert for the puppies we need to show her at least once.
Does anyone know a trainer, or breeder, or someone who shows their dogs who can help us with that special training. It's all about the special stand and movement techniques at the show. Preferably not too far from Brussels.


You timing is perfect! You could go to the biggest dog show in Belgium on the weekend and meet the people who breed and show Golden Retrievers.

Nov 11, 2015 18:40

Chazza I'd also recommend you speak to some one whose done this, I had a friend look into it and it's not all straight forwards getting a dog to give birth and then selling the pups on, maybe you've done it before I don't know. Maybe also ask your vets advice they may know someone who can help you. Have you contacted the ST Hubert's people to ask who they suggest?

Nov 12, 2015 14:33

Dyades provides assistance dogs for diables people. We are regularly searching for Golden Retriever puppies. If you have a littier please contact us at
Many thanks

May 23, 2016 20:06