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Dog Kennels


Has anybody used and can recommend Pento Kennels located in Overijse?

What about La Maison du Chien in Plancenoit?

We’re looking for somewhere to board our dog (Am Staff) for a weekend in August.

Was hoping to get some positive feedback for either place before planning a visit to them.

Any other personal recommendations?
Thanks in advance


We used Pento recently. They seemed ok to me. Not the best kennel I have ever used but certainly not the worst. Dog came home happy enough and well! is altogether much better but I think they may have stopped now but I am not sure so it's worth asking them. Whatever you decide, get on with it quick. that's prime time and when I booked our dog into Pento recently for a few days they warned that they were pretty much booked up for the summer.

Jul 10, 2012 12:57