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Dog from Ireland to Brussels


Will be relocating with my trusty hound. Looking at ferry routes etc as dogs are not allowed on euro star? Have any of you done similar and can advise, please? She's vaccinated, microchipped, pass ported etc, just looking for tips on route and anything I need to look out for. Many thanks


Hi Suzy,
We have taken our dog to Ireland a few times and i am assuming that you are travelling by car. The fastest crossing is from Dublin to Holyhead on the Swift but it's a small ferry and if you have a rough crossing it would be horrible. We found the alternative of Rosslare to Fighguard better though the crossing is longer at 3.5 hours. Dog has to stay in car or in a dog box on the car desk (car is better). From the UK to Calais you can take the Euro Tunnel. You stay in your car for the 20 minute crossing. They are very well organised for dogs with a playground at the station. They also have some flexibility with times in case you run late. We stayed over night in the UK though i do know people who do the whole trip in one go.

May 18, 2015 09:09
Fee Fee


We're planning on taking our two Labradors to Ireland this summer. Why do you say the car is better than the dog boxes? Are they really small/dirty? Just as well I haven't booked one yet! Also on the eurotunnell, do the dogs stay in the car with you because Imsee we still have to pay for them.

Thanks a mill and good luck with the move Suzy....Brussels is very dog friendly and surrounded with forest with plenty of walks!!!!

May 29, 2015 12:56