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Does Application for belgian citizenship after 5 years of legal stay has any clause about limited no of days stayed out on trips


Hi all,

I have been working in Belgium for last 4 years on expat status. I want to apply for citizenship in due course. I have following questions regarding that.

1. Is there any criteria of no of days spent outside Belgium during trips should not exceed a given number. If So, what is the maximum no of days one can spend outside. During the covid period i had been staying with my relatives in UK. However i have been back every 4 months and then gone back. will it have any impact on the timeline. Please note that i have continous residence permit for all these years.

2. Economic integration means paying social security for 468 days, at some palces i see that it is given as 468 working days, does that mean it should be counted as no of working days in calender excluding weekends and holidays.

Any help on these will be very much appreciated.


1) You have to be resident. If you're out of BE temporarily, it doesn't matter.
2) Yes, it's working days. Full time, that could be 2 years. Part time it could be 3 or 4 years.

Mar 1, 2021 08:51

If you are working full time and being paid in Belgium, you will normally have paid social security for a full year whether you were in or out of the country, which is in effect 234 working days per year.
However, if you are a U.K. citizen and on the special expat tax scheme, you would probably have still been paying social security in the U.K. which would then not count here.

Mar 2, 2021 00:18