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Doctor fees. Gynaecologist & Dermatologist recommendation


Hi everyone!! I think this has already been asked since I have a vague recollection I read something about it, however, I can seem to find the thread
Today I went to a GP, she was really nice and thorough, come the moment to pay it was 50 Euro :O
My economy is not in such a good shape so, how can I look for doctors who charge less? Is there a list? Can you recommend a gynaecologist & dermatologist in the WSP WSL Etterbeek area who have "friendlier" fees for slimmer pockets? :) :) :)


Hi, I have found the info "conventionee" is the term and this website, though in French is pretty useful
I still need the recommendations though :)

Jan 10, 2018 17:40

Go to the Planning Familiale in WSP. You only pay about 6 euros to see the Gynecologist. And they are very good doctors.

Jan 10, 2018 20:34

Caution though, even doctors who are marked "conventionné" (e.g. in partena mutuelle site) are not in reality so, in my case my GP turned out to be a category of "semi-conventionné" which category I did't even know existed. Anyway last years charge was 30 EUR. A dermato visit used to be 50EUR, last one (in Dec) was 55EUR. It's rare nowadays to find physicians who are convenionné and in any case, despite a recent "agreement" with the health ministry, they seem to charge what they like.

Jan 11, 2018 09:46

50 sounds a lot for a gp and most “normal” doctors charger less and its what you can reclaim i think i paid under 40 last time. My GP got us to register with her practice to as i think that is a mote normal practice now. Shop atound for a doc who will charge what you can get back

Jan 12, 2018 08:21

I think what dr's charge comes by experience and expertise. Go to young experts. When we started our paediatrician was in her early 40's and she charged 38 euros and then it increased slowly. Try younger doctors.

Jan 13, 2018 19:27

thank you all for your help!!!

Jan 14, 2018 19:36