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Doctor for back pain


Can anyone recommend me an English-speaking, specialist doctor (but not an osteopath as have already been down that route) in Brussels to see for chronic back pain? Someone who's not private but one where I can get reimbursed by mutuelle. Preferably in south or central Brussels but happy to venture further afield if someone comes highly recommended. Thanks!


You’ll be hard pushed to find a top doctor who does not speak very good English. There is a very good unit at UCL St Luc who are well equipped. You can contact direct for an appointment.

Dec 12, 2018 00:48

Over the years I had 3 herniated disks which caused me terrible pain and I was bed ridden the first time for 2 weeks. I went to an osteopath and the pain was gone within 24 hours.
However when I moved to Belgium from the UK, I discovered that there are many people with the title 'osteopath' who gained the qualification by studying part-time as opposed to a full time 3 year Bachelor degree. I found there is a great difference in the way I was treated and maybe that is why you have not had success in curing/reducing your symptoms.

I have been going to a practice in Tervuren which has properly trained osteopaths who adopt a holistic approach and have always been satisfied with the outcome. Chris and Tina are the 2 most experienced.

I did go to hospital doctors and they advised me to have surgery - which I personally would definitely avoid.

Dec 18, 2018 17:16

An anticonvulsant used in combo with other analgesics for chronic accident lawyer

Jan 16, 2019 16:02