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Divorce lawyer


do you know an English speaking lawyer I could talk to to get advice in the event of a divorce. Somebody who deals both with foreigners and independents (professionally speaking). Thank you very much!


Before you speak with a "lawyer", you should speak to a notaire.

"in the event of a divorce" I'll just highlight a couple of points here:

1) Unless there is domestic violence of some sort, divorce in Belgium is "no fault", so stuff like adultery, or who's fault it is, is irrelevant. It doesn't matter in the least.

2) Divorce in Belgium can go one of two ways. You and your partner find a way to agree the terms of your divorce (which would include splitting finances, assets, and children). In this case, divorce can be handled totally by a notaire. The alternative is that you don't agree terms, and your divorce is contested by your two lawyers for months (even years) at unimaginable costs and stress.

You'll find on this Q&A, people who have spent literally years and tens of thousands of Euro's in lawyer fees, or people who have spent a few hundred with a notaire and three trips of 10 minutes each before a judge.

I divorced in Belgium a few years ago and frankly I was amazed at how efficient the system was, and that was with three kids and a house to argue about. If you and your partner can settle it like responsible adults, the process is actually extremely simple and very cheap.

Jan 2, 2017 16:49