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hi my question has 3 part, i am non-eu married to EU person 4 year ago almost we live 3 year in belgium 1 year in another EU country. our relation is unstable from 6 months and i am thinking about to file a divorce, we dont have any property and childrens. my spouse already left me 6 months ago and i dont have any contact with him. he is not in belgium any more.

1) what is the easiest way to file a divorce
2) will i lost my residence F card if i get divorced. ( i am selfemployed).
3) what if i will be renewing my F card will i get F+ or they will terminate my stay because of divorce.


Sorry that you are in this situation.

The good news is that divorce in this country is actually extremely simple. And with no property or children, the process will be even easier.

I would have thought that you may be able to divorce on the grounds of "désunion irrémédiable", especially if he's left the country. However, you'll need to be a little patient, as you need one year of separation.

I'm afraid I don't really know enough about residency to advise on that, however, for your divorce you need to go and see a notaire. Your notaire may be able to refer you to a lawyer who specializes in residency issues, but go and see the notaire first to discuss your divorce situation.

If you read French, the notaire's website is excellent place to start.

I can't stress this enough, do not go and see a lawyer first without having seen a notaire. Much of what a lawyer will tell you and charge you for (at least in the initial phase of the divorce) will be stuff that the notaire does / can explain for free anyway as part of the divorce process.

Jun 29, 2019 12:51

If you get divorced you MAY have problems with residence.
Unless you have some specific reason for wanting to be divorced you can remain married - even though your man has gone - and your status will remain unchanged.
But I agree with ANON. Go and speak to a notaris and get free advice. You don't have to act on any advice given but at least you will know where you stand.

Jun 29, 2019 13:39

Google retained residency rights in Belgium.

Jun 29, 2019 16:03