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Disposing vacuum cleaner



I live in Brussels and want to dispose of a vacuum cleaner properly. I know I can go to the municipal dump, but that's a bit of a long trip and a hazzle - especially when you don't have a car.

Is there some other way to dispose of it properly - I don't care much for just leaving it on the street(as seems to be the fashion here) to make it somebody's else's problem.

TIA for all answers


If you're buying a new one, take the old one to the shop. They are required by law to take it.

You could try calling Bruxelles-Propreté(0800/981 81) and asking what they advise. You can't be the only person in Brussels without a car, who needs to send something to the dump.

Aug 27, 2019 11:00

Is it still working? Wanna give it away for free?
Place an add on 2eme main website or some Facebook pages.
It will be gone in 5 minutes and people will come to collect it at your place.

People really take everything and they can make good use out of it rather than scrap it in the municipal dump.

Aug 27, 2019 12:22