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Dismissal, C4, delays


I was dismissed and waited a month for the C4 doc to arrive. Must i still register it at Actiris etc - I mean, is that only for benefits or is there some tax or other reason which will trip me up later??? You see, while waiting I've left Belgium (looking elsewhere for work), and more than likely I will leave Belgium in a month. Need I do anything with the C4??? Advice welcome. P


You should immediately register as a jobseeker at Actiris, the Brussels employment office. That will protect your social security status and give you access to the services Actiris can provide to help you find a new job.

Jul 8, 2016 11:33

Thank, useful link, but actually I am curious if that Actiris registration is obliged for other reasons - tax etc. I'm not too bothered about my social security status because while waiting a month for my papers, I decided I have no future in Belgium.

Jul 9, 2016 11:09