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Disappointed with new xpats


First off, I would have rather written this in an email to the administrators of the website, but I have searched and can not find an email address for anyone to contact, thus I am writing here. 


The new site looks lovely, but the back-end work is quite disappointing. Many worthwhile sections and features are gone as others have pointed out, and it's quite clear that the number of users is down significantly, given the lack of questions and answers--the most helpful part of the website. But, most unfortunately, the old Q&A database has not been exported. I had many previous questions and answers from the old site booked marked for reference--for example, excellent advise on being pregnant, giving birth and parenting in Belgium--invaluable resources, really, and now they are all gone.


I have seen remarks from the webmasters saying that the old questions will be back at some point, but that is quite unsatisfactory. Reading about what items parents here found most essential to buy for newborns won't help me with my soon-to-born child is 8 months old, now will it? 




A disappointed former xpats user

kirsten vorobyov

Hi-I, as well, am disappointed for a variety of reasons with the changes and that data base was essential. Here's the email address I sent an email to but he, of course, gave me the typical answer that the majority of people are happy with the new changes.

Sep 18, 2011 13:24