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Diesel prices in Belgium and what to choose between Diesel or Petrol Vehicle


Hello Everyone,
I think most of you are aware in the changes in diesel prices recently in Belgium. I am using a diesel vehicle and in September and October 2017 the price of diesel was around 1.05€ to 1.10€ Now as the government decided to encourage petrol vehicles by making diesel and petrol prices the same, Current diesel price went up to 1.25€ to 1.3€ which means a strong increase in just a short period of time just 2-3 months. Don't you find a bit silly this increase as we the diesel users were not notified well in advance than the policies are changing? If would have been better if government announced two years ago that the diesel prices are going to be increased so we would think about to exchange our vehicles or not. I mean I have invested in a diesel vehicle and now after not a long time I have to think to get rid of it. Whether buy a petrol vehicle or just keep my diesel vehicle and pay on average 20% more for fuel and very high annual road tax. Don't you think that there should be also a unification in the road tax? As both diesel and petrol vehicle case the same damage to road infrastructure. What do you fellow forum members think? What to choose between diesel or Petrol as electric and hybrid vehicles are still far reachable due to very high prices?
I invite all of you to share your opinion for something which touches directly our pockets.


The fact is diesel is dirty in its exhaust funes and brussles is in contravention of air quality regulations hence this clamp down.
Why should the govetment need to tell people this before they look at their car usage? For intercity driving and long distances hybrid will become the way to go. Our toyota hybrid is silent when ypu start it which is a bonus for noise pollution also.

Jan 10, 2018 12:17

Yes, I agree that the knee jerk reaction to the sudden revelation that the Diesel engine may be worse than petrol engines is a slap in the face for the millions of diesel owners in Belgium. Typical political mismanagement. What’s even more distressing is what to do with these vehicles (we have two of them in our household) when it’s time to buy a new car. Their resale value has plummeted. Nobody wants to buy a used diesel car anymore. Overall we feel very badly treated by the government and the industry which for years told us how environmentally friendly these cars were, supported by government official policy of lower priced fuel. Should we start a new “me-too” movement to pressure a government rethink?

Jan 10, 2018 12:35

1. Whether you choose diesel or gasoline depends on how many km you drive and your driving habits. For highway driving, diesel is more economical, for urban driving, gasoline or even better, hybrid.

2. Price hikes in diesel are one of the results of the tax shift. You will get a little bit more in your net salary, but will pay more in other things. Typical tricks of politicians.

3. For years we've been told how bad CO2 is for the environment. In fact, diesel emits less CO2 than petrol, bu now the problem is the small particules. If Diesel cars were so bad and politicians were so worried about the environment, they would be the first to take the metro to work. Instead, they all have large Audi A8 limousines. I will believe in environment protection, climate change, etc when that affects the lifestyle of politicians.

4. I also have a Diesel car, equipped with a Particule filter (FAP). It is a tricky peace of equipment for the only purpose of limiting emissions. If it breaks down, it will cost me a fortune to fix it, so yes, I think Diesel is not the smartest choice at the moment. Hybrids are interesting, but they are also more expensive.

5. My next car will be a company car.

Jan 10, 2018 13:20

I am in favor of long time policies but Belgian government has not proved it self to be able to have long time policies. Every year they are full of surprises and uncertainty. Who knows, may be next year they just tell us all diesel and petrol vehicles must be scraped for electrical ones. That's wired, and very costly for residents. For example Norway is heading to 100% electric in the future but they are doing in a long term basis with clear public policies so the residents know what to expect. I think here our government is just improvising by taking unnecessary decisions that is negatively affecting our pockets and everyday life. Even if we consider the economical aspect uncertainty its a very negative factor for economy and affects private and company investment decisions. I am in favor that government should find ways to make such legislation applicable to new stakeholders and not existing ones. In such way the impact to existing stakeholders would be unnoticed and gradual. Why the hell should they increase the taxes to diesel when they could just cut petrol taxes so both diesel and petrol prices become the same. I would go further, I would consider it as a ponzi scheme.
I am pretty sure as soon as diesel and petrol vehicles will be replaced by electric ones our dear government will invent new taxes for them also. May be will be invented a new battery disposal tax or a not polluting enough tax :P

Jan 10, 2018 13:46

EDI - You've hit the nail on the head! This country is always inventing new taxes and that might be one of the reasons 38,000+ Belgians leave every year.

Perhaps car owners should sell their cars to African countries!

Jan 11, 2018 00:58