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Dentists in Belgium


I badly need to go to a dentist, it is my first time going in Belgium so I don't rally have a clue.

Firstly, do I need to make an appointment, or is it like a GP where you can go during their consultation hours and wait my turn?

Secondly, how much do I expect to pay? I have DKV dental assurance, does anyone have a clue how to go about getting money back from them?

Finally, does anyone have a recommendation for a dentist in the Ixelles/Louise/European quarters? I have been looking at Brussels Dental near Parc Cinquantenaire but i'm not sure


You need to make an appointment. I can recommend Serge Ouziel which is in this neigbourhood - he speaks good english as does the Secretary booking the appointment, however, it is likely you might have to wait a bit to get the appointment - If it is very urgent I trust provisions can be made

As for what to pay,it depends what you need to get done. I will leave it up to others to explain prices, but it is routine that many if not most dentists in Brussels add an extra 50% to the tariff ordinaire - so you can easily end up paying say 80 EUR though for a fairly simple consultation - however you get a good chunk of it back from the Mutuelle . After the procedure you will get a green slip of paper where you put on your sticker from the Mutuelle and send it to them for a refund.

May 18, 2012 08:10