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dental problem - should I do it in the UK or Belgium



I currently live in London and may have a dental problem that will cost 800 here. It is a complicated root canal treatment of a molar or something like that.

Do you think the price for such treatment will be very different in Belgium?

I pay for myself, no insurance whatever.

The only reason I am interested in Belgium is because I used to live in Brussels and had similar treatment done long time ago. I was planning to go to the same dentist.

But if I put the travel cost for initial consultation, second travel cost and operation... I guess I will be spending the same amount.

Has anyone had similar experiences.


“Or something like that” doesn’t really provide enough information. Dentistry is expensive here. Simple answer is to call your old dentist and ask. I suspect the cost plus travel will be higher.

Feb 3, 2020 00:06

I assume you're going private and not NHS, which would be miles cheaper. In that case 800 pounds sounds pretty cheap if it really is a complicated root canal treatment. If you have no insurance whatsoever, I doubt you will get a dentist in Brussels to do it for the same price.

Feb 3, 2020 10:21

Also keep in mind that a "a complicated root canal" will almost certainly take more than two appointments. Two is the absolute minimum. So you'll have to factor in the initial consultation, plus two trips minimum.

Because in the first appointment they have to prepare the tooth and measure up for a crown, and then send away for it. Then you have to go back to get it fitted in a second appointment. My root canal took three appointments.

That's the reason they are expensive. It is a lot of work and takes a quite a lot of time.

Feb 3, 2020 17:36

UK dental work includes endless waiting time and more pain.
Generally the quality of dental work is a very high standard in Belgium.

Soon as possible get a quote and then make a decision. Waiting causes more pain, requires more treatment and more financial problems!

Feb 3, 2020 18:10

Poland and Hungary both countries offer dental tourism. If you wish to go cheap.
At BE it will cost you more than 1k£...

Feb 5, 2020 18:57