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Dental job in belgium


I m a Dentist from India with 5 yrs of experience I need a job in belgium to practice . Are there any requirement needed to practise there. I have my Bachelor degree from Mumbai. Pls do guide me


Hi Suchi,
Welcome to Belgium. Well I wanted to reach out to you as I myself am a dentist ( masters in cons and endo ) from bombay and got to belgium 3 months ago.

In Belgium you can only practice if you have a degree from one of the Belgian or European universities or in case you are a citizen the rules are slightly different.

So it is going to be a uphill task. I am still in the process of getting more information and maybe it would be helpful to share notes. Do let me know which part of Belgium you are living in.

Jan 16, 2014 15:42

My name is Gergana and I'm graduated dentist from Bulgaria who's trying to find a job as a dentist in Belgium.would u give me some advise how could I find one or at least recommend me a good Job recruitment company.
I'll be very thankful if you can give me some information.

Many thanks

Mar 9, 2014 21:32

Hi there,
I am a dentist from India and staying in Brussels with my husband. I have done my bachelors from delhi. I read the earlier posts and therefore would like to get in touch with Dr. Suchi Choksi and Dr. 'Banidhillon' . :)
My email address is
I am looking for a job here or maybe a way whereby we all can help each other in some possible way.
Looking forward to getting in touch.

Dr. Shilpi

Jun 4, 2014 18:57
Nitika Kharbanda

Hello all,
Even i am looking out for ways to work here..Graduated from India and relocated here..if anybody interested to get in touch so that v can learn dutch/french together and search for ways v can get employed here ,plz do mail me on !! Hope v all can help each other in the best of our capacity..
Many thanks

Jul 2, 2014 13:10
dr hemashri

hello all!
I am an experienced dentist from Mumbai but relocated to Belgium.I am also looking for ways to practice in Belgium.I live in leuven which is in Flanders.Would like to get in touch with Dr Nitika Dr Suchi Dr Shilpi and Dr Banidhillon.It would be of great help to each other if we all get in touch. I have a few information as to how to practice here which i asked in the dental department of the Leuven email id is yor reply.

Jun 9, 2015 11:19
Alobaidi Mohammed

Hi, I am a dentist from Iraq, searching for a job in Belgium. Maybe somebody have any information to help me!

My Diploma from Ukraine
Thanks in advance
My email:

Jan 22, 2016 23:52